Vacation 2003
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Entire Route - Planned Jackpot, NV - 7/25 Columbus, MT - 7/26 Bismark, ND - 7/27 Ten Mile Lake - 7/28 Denise's Birthday - 7/29 Moving Day - 7/30 SunnyDay - 7/31 Ten Mile Lake - 8/01 Ten Mile Lake - 8/02 Ten Mile Lake - 8/03 Ten Mile Lake - 8/04 Laundry Day - 8/05 Boat Rental - 8/06 Back To The Store - 8/07 The First Outing - 8/08 Ten Mile Lake - 8/09 Ten Mile Lake - 8/10 Ten Mile Lake - 8/11 Denise Goes Fishing - 8/12 Ten Mile Lake - 8/13-18 The Final Day - 8/19 Miles City, MT 8/20 Idaho Falls, ID - 8/21 Winnemucca, NV - 8/22 Home - 8/23

Well we're going back again.  After reading about the trip we took last year, you might wonder why.  As I recall, I bitched about the heat, wind, rain, bugs, etc. but the place kinda grew on us.  And besides that, I've discovered how tasty those "sunnies" are.  We shouldn't have waited until the latter part of our trip last year before eating them.  Now I will be content catching those little fish and I want to learn how to fillet them the way Lewie does it.  However I still don't think I can spend too much time in the fish house as the ceiling is a little low.  I'll have to fillet them on a taller work surface to save my back.

So we leave this Friday, July 25 and won't return until Saturday, August 23.  We're not making any diversions this year.  It's straight to Ten Mile Lake and straight back so we'll have a little over three weeks at the lake.  We know the route.  We plan to stop at the same places along the way.  I've added a 50 gallon fuel tank to the truck for a total of 85 gallons which will allow us to drive all day without stopping for diesel.  And I have new tires on the trailer so I don't expect a blowout to slow us down.  It should be a fast and uneventful trip.  We're keeping our fingers crossed.

Fergus Falls is about 11 miles northwest of Ten Mile Lake as a bird flies.  Current weather conditions are below:

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