The Final Day - 8/19
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The wind is still blowing today so we're not doing much.  I was hoping to get one more day on the boat but Mother Nature refuses to cooperate.  We could go out but it's just not that much fun sitting in a small aluminum fishing boat in a wind storm.  I'm sure most swells are 1 - 2 feet with an occasional 3 foot swell.  A short 14 foot fishing boat just gets tossed around in rough water and we get soaked when the waves hit the boat.

So Lewie and I fished at the bridge for several hours this morning but the fish weren't biting as well as normal.  We had to work for each and every one of the 30 Sunnies we caught.  And we threw back many that were just too small.

This afternoon Denise and I spent a lot of time cleaning the trailer and packing things up.  Not fun but a necessary part of a long trip such as this.  We're going to the Steak House for supper tonight so we can have everything clean and put away today.  That way it will be easy to get an early start tomorrow.

Denise is ready to go home but I'm not.  Of course this is the dilemma I face every year.  I'm never ready to go home because once I get there, the work begins.  Bills, chores, commutes, the basic daily grind.  Not something I ever to which I ever look forward.  But it will be nice to finally have high-speed Internet service again.

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