Miles City, MT 8/20
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We had a nice dinner at the Steak House and got to bed fairly early.  It was around 10:00 pm when we hit the sack.  We got up around 7:00 am and were on the road by 8:30.

The wind was from the northwest for most of the drive. Basically the wind was coming from about the 2 o'clock position at probably 20 - 25 mph.  It made keeping the rig in one lane a constant challenge. 

One thing I did notice was how much harder the drive is on the way home.  While traveling to Ten Mile Lake, the excitement of beginning a 3 week stay kept me going and the drive didn't seem so long.  But driving home, there is not much to look forward to so the drive seems much worse.  Last year we finished our trip with a 4 day stay in the eastern Sierras so even though we were on our way home, I still had something to be excited about.  But this year it's really over and it made the drive harder.  I'm sure the wind wasn't helping.

Anyway, we gained an hour when we entered the Mountain Time Zone just west of Bismark, ND.  Thus we reached our scheduled stop in Glendive, MT at 3:30 pm.  Because it was so early, we decided to keep going and get a few more miles under our belt.

We finally stopped in Miles City, MT at the Big Sky RV Park (exit 141) around 5:30.  The place is nothing more that a gravel lot with water and electric hookups but it's only $13.91 for the night including tax.  Denise remembered eating at Taco John's last year when we stopped in Glendive, MT.  Well it just so happens that there's one in Miles City too.  Because of that damned wind, I needed to replace the 80 gallons of diesel we consumed today so I went into to town and got fuel and tacos to go.  Denise was happy.

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