Idaho Falls, ID - 8/21
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Another early start and we were on our way around 8:10 am.  At least the wind isn't blowing today so the drive is a little easier but still seems much longer than it did on the way to Ten Mile Lake.

Because of the extra miles we logged yesterday we bypassed the $40 per night Yellowstone Grizzly RV Park in West Yellowstone, MT we stayed at last year and pushed forward.  We made it to Idaho Falls, ID and were ready to quit.  The Trailer Life Directory listed 6 RV parks but the only one we could find was the Idaho Falls KOA.  Although it was a nice place, KOAs are expensive.  This one was $27.50 and didn't even have a sewer hookup.

But we had a nice night and enjoyed watching a thunder storm while sitting under our awning.  That was one of the things we missed this year at Ten Mile Lake.  There were no significant thunder storms.  In fact, Minnesota (and probably the whole northern Midwest) is having a serious drought.  While watching a Minneapolis newscast shortly before we left, they reported the normal amount of rain is around 4 inches for August.  Last year there was nearly 9 inches (and we can attest to that) but this year there has only been a quarter inch.  So the locals are complaining because everything is turning brown but we appreciated the overall good weather.

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