Winnemucca, NV - 8/22
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The drive just seems to get longer every day.  It was only 460 miles to Winnemucca, NV but it seemed much longer than the 500+ mile drives of the previous two days.  And we gained another hour when we entered the Pacific Time Zone just south of the Idaho-Nevada border.

We found the Model T Casino and RV Park and pulled in.  Just a large parking lot with small patches of grass between each space but it works.  We set up the trailer and headed for the little casino.

Our favorite casino pastime is playing video poker at the bar.  We found room and got started.  My machine was paying well enough to keep us both going for the next 5 hours.  No, we didn't win overall but we had drinks, dinner, and a good time for a reasonable amount of money.  Basically the "last hurrah" before the final leg tomorrow.

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