Ten Mile Lake - 8/13-18
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I haven't been keeping up with this on a daily basis because I've been fishing in the boat most every day.  I'll try and sum up the highlights since the last update.

Mostly I've fished in the boat every morning, take a break in the early afternoon, and then back out until around 5:00 - 6:00 in the evening.  Lewie always goes and Denise goes sometimes.  Denise would like to go all of the time but her fair complexion and sunshine don't mix well, even with ample amounts of sunscreen.  She usually makes the morning run and then hides out in the trailer to avoid the afternoon heat. 

I'm surprised at Lewie.  For a guy that claims no one needs a boat because one can catch anything he wants at the bridge, he sure seems to enjoy it.  I think he really likes it now that I am running the boat and he is free to just fish.

We've caught all types of fish this past week.  Sunnies, bass, Walleye, Northern Pike, and Bullheads.  Mostly we get Sunnies.  The other fish are occasional.  However on Thursday, Lewie and I hit two nice Northerns during the afternoon run.  I caught the first but he caught the biggest.  Northerns are big ugly fish that look similar to crocodiles or alligators and have teeth to match.  You don't want to get your hands near their mouths as they will make hamburger out of them.  And I don't know if it's their scales or fins or what but they will roll and break your line if you don't use a steel leader.  We've ruined two nets scooping Northerns out of the water this week.  But it's all worth it as they are fun to catch and good to eat.

The cousins went home on Friday.  Something about making hay or whatnot.  Anyway, we had a nice visit and enjoyed seeing them.

On Saturday evening, there was a little excitement.  It was around 7:30 pm and the street was filled with cars parked on both sides while the occupants were enjoying supper at the Steak House.  It's just a narrow country road.  With all the cars, there's no extra space.  I don't know what this guy was thinking but he drove his combine down the road without removing the header.  The header is a large 30 foot wide thing for cutting fields.  As I understand it, there are trailers for the header so it can be towed behind lengthwise to avoid this type of problem but this guy didn't see the need.

He couldn't fit between the cars and had to stop and get people to come out of the Steak House and move their cars so he could get through.  According to Lewie, farmers do have the right of way but this was ridiculous.  Once a few of the cars were moved, the combine finally got through with some assistance from others.

Then not but fifteen minutes later, some other idiot brought his snowmobile on a trailer to the lake.  Apparently, if your snowmobile has enough power, you can ride it across water for short distances.  This guy was here to test this theory.

The snowmobile made lots of noise and it didn't take long for the Steak House to empty again.  People stood around watching this fiasco and I did get one picture to come out.

And after that, some other campers stopped by with their Bichon Frise.  For some reason it seems that people want to talk with others that have the same things whether it be pets, cars, RVs, etc.  They were nice and the dogs romped around together for a while until their leashes got so tangled they couldn't move any more.

Well that's about it.  The wind has been with us the past two days.  After bouncing around in the boat all day yesterday, I'm taking a break today.  It is very hot and humid.  It's 1:52 pm right now and the temperature is 91 F with 52% humidity.  The heat index is 98 F.  As I sit here in the trailer, the air conditioner hasn't stopped for over three hours.  Water droplets are forming around each air vent from the condensation but it feels good when one of the cold drops lands on my leg.  I guess I'll get a towel and dry them before one lands in the keyboard.

We've really enjoyed our stay this year but our time is coming to an end.  One day left before we hit the road early Wednesday morning and begin the long journey back home.  We're going into town in this afternoon and fill up the truck, buy the last load of ice, the last few gallons of drinking water, a case of McAdams Whiskey that we can't get back home, and anything else we need for the long journey home.

So this will probably be it for the updates until we get home.  But you might find it interesting to know that we've already made reservations to come back next year.

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