Denise Goes Fishing - 8/12
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Denise and I went out on the boat this morning.  Denise basically wanted a boat ride but I fished a little.  We took off across the lake to my favorite fishing spot and brought the camera along this time.

Once there, I dropped a line in while we trolled slowly.  We took some pictures of the homes along the lake.  Most of them are really nice.  In some of the pictures you'll see docks and boat lifts.  Everyone either stores their boats on a lift or puts them back on their boat trailers each night because if the wind comes up, it will just beat the boats against the docks and ruin them.  Anyway, all of the docks and boat lifts have to come out of the water each fall.  If they weren't removed, they'd be destroyed by the expansion and contraction of the ice as it forms and melts throughout the season.

Well Denise enjoyed the boat so much that now she wants a fishing license.  We went to town early in the afternoon and she bought a one week license.

Back at camp, we gathered up our gear and went back out on the boat.  Denise and I trolled around in our little aluminum boat.  The cousins came out in their boat and we had a little fishing contest.  I caught a Northern Pike, a Bullhead, and a Walleye.  Denise caught a few Sunnies and a Walleye.  The cousins caught bass, Walleye, Bullheads, etc.  They caught twice as many as us but then there were four in the boat so I guess it was a tie.  They might have a different opinion.

We spent the evening at the cousins' cabin to give our poor neighbors a break.  They're a couple that has a permanent trailer here and visit on a regular basis from their home in Duluth, MN.  I'm sure that it is annoying to them when all of us sit around the campfire until 11:00 pm or so, especially since their bedroom window is just maybe 25 feet away.  Jerry and Betty are very nice and don't complain but we don't want to irritate them.  We'll be spending most evenings at the cabin.

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