Ten Mile Lake - 8/11
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We didn't do too much today.  Lewie and I went out on the boat a little this morning and then spent the afternoon in the air conditioned RVs to avoid the heat.  There was some talk of having fish for supper but everything we'd caught was frozen.  Instead of thawing fish, Lewie and I went to the bridge and fished in the shade for about 2 hours.  I don't know how many we caught but there were enough fillets to fill 3 one quart Ziplock baggies.  And then we didn't have fish for supper.

I haven't taken any pictures because I've been in the boat.  We haven't really done anything other than fish.  Fun for us but not anything photographic.  It might get better tomorrow as Denise wants to go in the boat.  The two of us in the boat might make for an interesting subject.

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