Ten Mile Lake - 8/10
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The rain continued off and on overnight and was still drizzling this morning.  Out on the boat yesterday, I realized I didn't buy exactly the same color lure I lost earlier in the week.  Because of the rain, it seems like a good time to head to town.

Nicki left early as she feared thundershowers in the afternoon and didn't want to be on the road in some torrential downpour.  I helped her load up her stuff and then Lewie and I went to Fergus Falls for ice and fishing tackle.

The sun came out and it was HOT!  The heat evaporated the earlier rain and combined with the 84 degree temps, it was miserable.  No breeze to cool things down either.  Lewie and I went out in the boat but didn't stay long as it was just too hot. We trolled faster than we should have but we wanted to create our own breeze to try and stay cool.  Funny thing about being in a boat on a lake.  There's just no shade.

We went back to camp and Lewie couldn't wait to begin "rehydrating".  He poured his beer and took a long drink.  He claimed that his throat was so dry it soaked up the first four swallows of beer before it could reach his stomach.

We spent another evening around the campfire and grilled (they don't barbeque here) hamburgers for supper.  Gary, Jodie, and their kids Neil and Trapper came for a visit.  I did a few magic tricks for the crew to keep them entertained.

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