Ten Mile Lake - 8/09
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Today Lewie wants to go out in the boat.  We try the north lake as the wind is blowing and the south lake has whitecaps.  We trolled around but didn't get much and agree to quit after a couple of hours, hoping that the wind will die down in the afternoon.

Nicki and Denise spend the day playing dominos and catching up.  The wind died down enough to try the south lake but it was still a rough ride.  I learn how to compensate for wind when trolling in a boat.  It doesn't go exactly where you point it.  For example, if the wind is blowing from the left and you want to go straight, you might have to point the boat in the 11 o'clock position to keep from drifting off course. 

Anyway, that's all I learn because we didn't catch any fish.  It appears we're not alone.  Most people have their favorite spots and tend to troll back and forth in the same areas.  But today everyone is all over the lake looking for fish. 

It's around 4:00 in the afternoon.  The sky is overcast and we hear thunder in the distance.  Looks like rain is coming and and aluminum boat in the middle of the lake is not the place to be in a thunderstorm.  We hug the shoreline, traveling at moderate throttle because the water is very choppy due to the wind.  We dock the boat and get back to camp just as the rain begins.

Lynn and Kim, and Larry and Barb were there.  They rented a nice three bedroom cabin across the street right on the shore of the south lake and will be here for the week.  Because of the rain, we head for their place and feast on snacks (can't seem to find out how the @&^%! to spell hors d' oevours).  Then Lewie took us all to the Steak House for supper which was wonderful.  It was a nice evening.

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