The First Outing - 8/08
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Nicki and I headed out this morning around 8:30.  Lewie, Denise, and the dogs came to see us off.  I think they were secretly hoping to see us in the lake shortly after departure.  Nicki appeared somewhat nervous as the first thing she did upon boarding the boat was put on her lifejacket.  We were only in 2 feet of water and the boat was still in the rack.

Lewie took some pictures with his disposable camera which I will post at some point in the future.  I don't have enough guts to take my digital camera along as I suspect it has an aversion to water.  Maybe later when I'm confident everything that's supposed to be in the boat stays in the boat.

Across the lake we went to the weed patch that yielded Smallmouth Bass and Sunnies earlier in the week.  Lewie always trolls in reverse as that keeps lines out of the prop so I try the same.  I begin with a wide berth around the weeds but soon learn that this isn't too hard.  I must be doing OK as Nicki removes her lifejacket.  The circle becomes tighter.

We fished for around three hours.  Nicki caught a few Smallmouths but nothing meeting the 21 inch requirement so back they went.  She brought along some leeches for bait and the bass seem to like them better than my lure.  I decided to switch baits.

OK, I guess I'm a wuss. The thought of holding live leeches just turns my stomach.  The worst part is that they immediately attach themselves to your skin.  I force myself through baiting one, occasionally getting cold chills down my back and jumping slightly every time the leech attaches.  I try keeping it's head from touching me by holding it against the boat seat while trying to bait it but that is unproductive.  Somehow I manage to get it on the hook.

Nicki felt sorry for me and offered to bait my hook.  I decline because if I'm going to fish, I feel I need to do it all.  Nicki insists again and I give in.  However I only catch Sunnies on the leeches, not worth the effort.

We went in for lunch and then back out in the afternoon.  No huge fish but it was fun being in the boat.  I've rented it for the week.

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