Bismark, ND - 7/27
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Well, what can I say.  Another long day in the truck and we made it to Bismark, ND.  At least this year they've finished the construction projects in the western part of the state.  And no rain today!

We did have to stop for fuel in Miles City which is in eastern Montana.  This 70 gallon fill-up should get us all the way to Ten Mile Lake.

The Elks Lodge is closed on Sundays.  We still parked there but no bar or restaurant.  However TGI Fridays was just across the street.  They were having a race day special (I guess there was a big NASCAR race somewhere).  Anyway, a 22 oz. draft beer was only $2.85 and their appetizers were 1/2 price.  This was as good as the Elks Lodge.  We stayed for a couple hours and had a good time.

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