Denise's Birthday - 7/29
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Happy Birthday to Denise!

We went into Fergus Falls this morning, did some shopping, and had lunch.  They have the best chicken at Godfather's Pizza.  The call it "broasted" but it's fried chicken as far as I can tell.

Anyway, I ordered a propane heater before we left home.  The heater wouldn't be delivered until after we left so I had it shipped to Ten Mile Lake.  After our shopping trip, Denise checked the office and the heater had arrived.

I anxiously opened the box but was a little puzzled by something that caught my eye at the bottom of the box.  A package of Turkey Frying Marinade?!?  Why would they send me this?  I checked the invoice.  Yep, one C-132 Propane Heater and one package of Turkey Frying Marinade.

By this time both Denise and Lewie are in stitches.  They are just howling and both are wiping the tears from their eyes.  As I continued looking through the box, I pull out the user manual.  Unfortunately it contained instructions for the various models of Turkey Fryers this company sells.  The laughter continues...

OK, no problem.  I'm reasonably intelligent and I'm sure I can put this thing together.  I remove the stand.  Next I find a stainless steel screen.  There's a package of screws to secure the screen to the top of the stand.  There's a propane hose.  And it seems there should be a burner of some sort that mounts in the stand before the screen is attached.  More laughter.  I think they're into their second box of Kleenex.

I look in the box again.  Nope, no burner.  I review the pictures on the box and I can see there is some device sticking out of the stand to which the propane hose is attached.  This must be the burner that I missing.  I double check the manual but it's all about Turkey Fryers.  Now we're all laughing.

I called the company and a receptionist answers the phone.  Seems like a low budget place, not real professional.  I'd guess just a handful of employees.  Anyway, I explain that I've received my order but am missing parts.  She asks which parts.  I tell her  I'm missing a burner but don't know about anything else since the manual is for a Turkey Fryer.  She doesn't seem to see the humor in this.  She can only take a message for Greg who is out on an errand.  He will call me when he returns and go over the parts with me.  I never received a call.

By evening, the wind had died down and we sat outside enjoying the cooler air.  Earlier this afternoon, it felt like a convection steam room outside with the humidity and wind.  This was a nice change.

We fried the fish Lewie caught earlier in the day and had a nice dinner.  Throughout the cooking, jokes continued about "if we just had a burner for that turkey fryer..."  After dinner we played few rounds of Liars Dice before retiring.

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