Moving Day - 7/30
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After setting up on Monday, I realized that there was a tree that prohibited me from extending our awning.  OK, we can't use our awning that much anyway due to the wind.  The electrical cord did reach but was stretched to it's max and threatened to pull out of the socket at any time.  And last night I found that our sewer hose would not reach the hook-up.

I looked over the situation and decided that if I were to park the rig at a slight angle, things would be better.  So I decided to move.

It didn't take too long.  I had it moved in just about 30 minutes.  Before I unhooked, I made sure the sewer hose would reach, the awning would open, and the electrical cord stress was removed.  Yep, everything's good so I put the jacks down and set everything up again.

Oh!  I better put up the satellite dish.  This should be easy as I know the elevation is set right and it was working perfectly before.  Just extend the pole and point it in the right direction.  I soon find that the ONE small tree to the south is directly in line of the dish.  Not 3 degrees to the right or 3 degrees to the left.  Right in the way!  I can get a signal but it is not reliable so the picture locks up, the sound skips, etc.  I'm evaluating my options and am strongly considering the chain saw.

Not much else happened today.  Lewie caught more fish.  I bought a fishing license but that's as far as I got.  Denise read.  I tried taking some "people" pictures as I know that's what you're interested in seeing.  But today is not the day because Denise isn't "prepared".  However she promises that's what we'll do tomorrow (she said "tomorrow" yesterday too).  I snapped a few of the lake, the dogs, and one of myself.  You can see them by following the links on the left.

Sometime around 4:00 pm, the thunder started and the rain began to pour.  Huge rain drops.  When they hit the window, they made a circle about the size of a half dollar.  Awesome lightning went "with" (This is how they say it in Minnesota).  But the rain only lasted 30 minutes or so and then out came the sun.  And with the sun came the bugs.

It was nice for the next hour or two.  All of the sudden the wind came up.  Probably 25 - 30 miles per hour.  No warning whatsoever.  I had the awning out from the previous rain and it was a race to roll it up before the wind just removed it from the side of the trailer.  However rolling up an awning that's whipping in the wind is no easy task.  Denise was hanging on to one of the arms while I held on to the other.  I'm not sure exactly how we managed but we got it rolled up without any damage.  Then as fast as it started, the wind stopped after about 15 minutes.  It's amazing how fast the weather can change here.

Anyway, another nice evening and we finished off with a few more rounds of Liar's Dice.

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