Ten Mile Lake - 8/03
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Everyone seemed a little slow getting up this morning.  Well everyone except Lewie.  He's the oldest person here and seems to have the most energy.  I was up at 8:00 and he was already at the bridge fishing.  I joined him by 10:00.

I am getting kind of tired catching sunnies.  I don't mind but we have so many that I don't see the point.  The lake here also has bass, Walleye, and Northern Pike.  I look through my box and find some Power Worms that might attract the bass.  I start casting and get bites but can not seem to hook anything.  I finally gave up after a couple of hours.

It's a little warmer today.  OK, it's actually hot.  Not the heat like the California Central Valley but probably around 85 degrees with 50% humidity.  But if you stay in the shade it's not too bad.

Later in the afternoon I gave casting for bass another try.  This time I caught two.  At Ten Mile Lake the bass have to be 21 inches or longer to keep and the limit is just one.  Mine aren't anywhere near that length but they were still fun to catch.

Nothing really exciting but a nice day nonetheless.

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