Ten Mile Lake - 8/04
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OK, you've been asking for them.  I've spent the entire day working on a short slide show of the pictures I took over the weekend.  I'm not sure exactly how the slide show will turn out in a web page but we'll give it a shot.  You also have to have a java enabled browser.  If you have no idea what java is, don't worry.  Most browsers are java enabled.  Because the slides repeat, just hit your browser's "Back" button or the "Up" button on the web page when it's over.

The slide show looks great here but I have all the files local on my machine.  You should hear music along with the pictures but playing it via the Internet could introduce problems.  So if you have problems, try clicking the "standalone" link, save the file, and then play it from your machine.  Unfortunately, the standalone version will only work on Windows based computers.  In any event, I'd like to hear from those that try the web version.  Click here to let me know how it worked for you.

OK, here are the links:

Weekend Pictures Standalone Slideshow

Later this evening were going to the American Legion in Dalton.  Seems they're having a potato pancake dinner that Lewie is pretty excited about.  We'll see...

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