Laundry Day - 8/05
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So potato pancakes are OK, but they're just thin pancakes that have a slightly pasty inside.  I think what Lewie really likes about them is all of the butter.  He uses about 1 pat per pancake.  Lewie ate more than I have ever seen him eat at one sitting.  A normal meal for him might be about a 4 - 6 oz. steak, half a potato, and a small salad.  But on potato pancake night, he ate 14 pancakes!!!  Now they are smaller and much thinner than a normal buttermilk pancake but I could only eat 16.  He just loved it.

We didn't do much exciting today.  We started off with a trip to the laundromat.  Denise stayed with the clothes and I went to Mills Fleet Farm.  This store has everything one can imagine.  It's kind of like a Wal-Mart, a farm equipment dealer, sporting goods store, auto parts store, and Home Depot combined.  I had been limping along with my old fishing pole that had a damaged tip. And now that the reel started acting up, I figured it was time to purchase a new one.

Next I went to the Kum-n-Go (that's it's real name) which is similar to an AM-PM Mini-Market for some block ice. With that done, it was back to the laundromat in time to help Denise with the clothes.

Now it was time for lunch.  We went back to Godfather's for the lunch buffet (gotta get more of that chicken).

Then of course we couldn't miss going to the grocery store.  I finally broke down and applied for one of their club cards just to make it easier on the checkers.

This afternoon, Denise went to the office to see if the burner for the "Turkey Cooker" arrived.  I think I failed to mention that the next day, I finally got through to the company and spoke with the plant manager.  He agreed to send me a burner but didn't seem to see the humor in the whole thing.  Well the burner arrived.

The rest of the evening was spent playing Liar's Dice until the mosquitoes forced us inside.  Because we're so far north, the sun doesn't set until nearly 9:00 and it stays light until almost 10:00.  But every night without fail, the mosquitoes come out at about 9:40 and stay for around 15 - 20 minutes.  Then as fast as they come, they disappear but it's a ferocious feeding frenzy while they're out.

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