Canada 1999
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In August of 1999, Denise and I decided to take a three week trip to Jasper National Park in Alberta, Canada.  When we left, I had no intention of trying to publish the trip on the web.  But by time we got to Kamloops, I realized that I had all of the things I needed to publish as we traveled.  

The toughest part was finding places to connect to the Internet.  The first upload was completed at Knutsford RV Park in Kamloops.  Unfortunately, many of the links were broken and the pictures were not viewable.  I uploaded again in Jasper and was able to fix most of the problems.  Additional updates were made in Boise and Reno.

Even though it wasn't perfect, many family members and friends were able to follow the trip.  It was enjoyable both for them and for us.  My goal is to do a better job on our next trip.  

I created a trip map after we retuned for your reference.  The links below are from the original page I published on the road.

Friday, August 20
Oregon - Pass Creek

Saturday, August 21
On To Vancouver

Sunday - Monday, August 22-23

Tuesday, August 24
On The Way To Jasper

Wednesday, August 25
Jasper - Rain, Rain, Rain

Thursday, August 26
Jasper - Maligne Lake

Friday, August 27
Jasper - Pocahontas, Tramway, & Lodge

Saturday, August 28
Jasper - Lazy Day In Camp

Sunday, August 29
Jasper - Athabasca & Sunwapta Falls

Monday, August 30
On The Way To Lake Louise

Tuesday, August 31
Lake Louise

Wednesday - Thursday, September 1 & 2

Friday, September 3
Kootenay National Forest - Not!

Saturday, September 4
Coeur d'Alene - Leaving Immediately!

Sunday, September 5
Winchester, Idaho

Monday, September 6
On The Way To Boise

Tuesday, September 7

Wednesday, September 8
We're Going All The Way

Thursday, September 9
Reno - Day #1

Friday, September 10
Reno - Day #2

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