Oregon - Pass Creek
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Oregon - Pass Creek County Park

Located about 40 miles south of Eugene, OR just off I-5

Friday, August 20

(From Denise's notes...)

We almost made it to our planned destination. Our trip began at 6:30am. By 3:30pm my temper began to flare. With that in mind, we stopped a about 30 miles shy of Creswell at a county park.

Full hook-ups for $14. You'll never find that in California.

Anyway, our trip was uneventful.

That's GOOD! We unpacked, got a beer (or 12) out of the refer, and realized we are about 50' from a railroad track. This could be interesting. I'll let you know tomorrow.

Oh yeah, did you know it's humid in Oregon? It's only about 75 degrees but it's HOT! But we'll live. We are on VACATION!!!



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