Jasper - Maligne Lake
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Jasper - Day Trip To Maligne Lake

Thursday, August 26

Ahhh, the weather is much nicer today and we're in better spirits after a few Advil to relieve our backaches caused by yesterday's excursion. We're off to Maligne (pronounced maleen) Lake, located 48 km east of Jasper township.

Our first stop is a lookout point. Not much here but a view of Mount Pyramid and some information on the history of the Maligne Valley.

The next stop is the Maligne Canyon. The Maligne River plunges 23 m (75') into a narrow, steep-walled gorge of limestone bedrock. It is quite beautiful and the pictures do not do it justice. But in any case, here they are.

The hike down the canyon wasn't too bad but the walk back up required several rest stops. And this was labeled an easy walk according to the park info.

After catching our breath, we continued on to Maligne Lake. The scenery here is real nice and we stopped to take a few pictures along the way.

As we continue up the road, we come across some hungry Mountain Sheep. These guys stand right in the middle of the road and wait for cars. When the cars stop, they come right up to you window to see if you will feed them.

Well we avoided hitting the Mountain Sheep and finally made it to Maligne Lake. Supposedly, this lake produces huge rainbow trout with the record at 44 pounds! More common sizes are 2 lbs., with frequent catches at 5-6 lbs. Maligne Lake is also the longest (14 mi.) and deepest (318') lake in the 6 national parks.

In the parking lot we were treated to a moose grazing quietly. I don't know what he found interesting about stopping to lick car doors occasionally but it appeared to be good fun.

On our return, we stopped at Medicine Lake. Hopefully you can read the signs to see the significance of this lake.

We had a real nice day and headed back to camp for some refreshment and another round of dominos. Denise is still trying to win as she has lost the past four games we have played. I'll let you know how she does tonight.


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