Kootenay National Forest - Not!
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Kootenay National Forest - Not!

Friday, September 3

We start our journey through Kootenay but end up not stopping anywhere. We'll actually we did make a brief stop on the side of the road to consume some pre-made sandwiches, soda, and chips. We were standing outside the trailer when I noticed something that looked like a large dog heading for us and our sandwiches at a quick trot! Instead of waiting to see what he was planning, we got in the trailer as quickly as possible. The creature (I'm not sure what it was, maybe a wolf but seemed a little small) circled our trailer waiting to see if we would come back out. I was just thankful he couldn't drive as my keys were still in the ignition of the truck. Eventually he gave up and left.

We continued on and stopped at a duty-free shop just before the U.S. border and spent the last of our Canadian money (and a little more). We knew we were purchasing more than we are allowed to bring in without paying duty but I figured, who'd check? We were allowed 2 liters (1 each) of liquor but we bought 4. I was planning on putting it in the trailer and not worrying about it. Well upon checking out, they take down your ID and your car license plate. Also, they do not give you your purchase right away. They actually drive it the last couple of miles to the border and then hand it to you just before you cross.

As it turned out, I think I could have gotten away without paying the duty as the customs officer was not going to look in the bag. He asked if we had anything to declare and I told him we had liquor and pointed at the duty-free bags. He said, "You don't have more than 2 liters, do you?" I said yes we do. With a little disgust in his voice, he told me to pull up and then bring the liquor into the office where they would collect the tax. I think he didn't want to do the paper work. But for the $5.44 they collected in tax, I didn't want to take the chance.

So after that 30 minute stop, we continued on our way to Coeur d'Alene, ID. We picked out a RV park that sounded really nice by the description in the Trailer Life Directory. It was called River Walk RV Park, had full hook-ups, cable TV, and modem access.

Now this is the third time we have had problems with the directions given in the Trailer Life Directory. They had us heading north when we should have been going south. So we finally figure out that things aren't going right and stop and call for directions. No problem and we finally make it.

This place is one of the shittiest RV parks I've seen. You CAN see the river if you have binoculars. There are bigger parking lots and spaces at your local grocery store. But we're here, we're tired, and it's only for the night. We'll leave early tomorrow and get to some real camping in the woods!

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