Winchester, Idaho
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Winchester, Idaho
About 36 miles south of Lewiston. Pop. 232

Sunday, September 5

Yesterday after leaving Coeur d'Alene, we still managed to cover a good distance. We're traveling south on US-95 along the western edge of Idaho. It's a slow, two-lane, winding road. We finally stop at Winchester Lake State Park. I took a few pictures along the way of the terrain and some historical markers. Click Here

It's a nice park with water and electrical hook-ups in a wooded setting for only $16 per night so we decide to spend and extra day here. You won't find that in California. The lake was built by some lumber company by damming a nearby creek in the early 1900's and used as a log storage pond. The town was also built by the lumber company for its employees. By the mid 60's, the lumber company went out of business and the lake and surrounding acreage were turned over to the state and became the state park it is today.

I went into town this morning to buy a fishing license, some hamburger, and buns. The store is called Marshall's Meats. In addition to being a fine quality butcher shop, it is also a state licensed liquor store, a grocery, hardware, and fishing tackle shop. They even sell propane. It's not much larger than a convenience store but it has just about everything you need.

So I spent the afternoon fishing and swatting bees and eventually got stung. Because Denise is allergic to bee stings, she stayed in the trailer and hid from the bees. The bees (yellow jackets) have been terrible on the whole trip. Every local we've talked to has mentioned that they are exceptionally bad this year.

Anyway, the lake has several varieties of fish including catfish, crappie, bass, perch, and rainbow trout. I'm after the rainbows. there is a lot of people fishing and occasionally, somebody catches one but I never do. Then it starts to rain a little and I decide to quit.

We spend the evening partying and playing dominos. I've lost track of the total score but now we are only counting tournaments (first to win 5 games). The score is now 2-1 and I am leading. However I do know that Denise won her last tournament by winning 5 straight games.

I barbecue the hamburgers and they are excellent! This is some of the leanest meat I've ever seen. And just $1.89 per pound. We'll definitely be going back tomorrow and get some steaks before we leave town.

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