Less Wind - 8/19
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The wind is still blowing today, making fishing difficult.  Since they can't fish, Lynn and Kim decide to leave today instead of staying for the rest of their week until Saturday.  But Lewie and I assessed the situation and after a brief "summit conference" (Lewie always has "summit conferences", even many times in his own head), we decided to give fishing a try.  Denise and her brand new red pole didn't go, opting instead for the comforts of the trailer and the solitude of starting a new a novel.  The title?  "Lake News".  She thought it appropriate.

Because the wind was from the southwest, the water was rough starting out but calmed down once we got to our normal fishing area (see map).  My package arrived from Semsons today and the GPS is working so far.  I tried a different brand of card so we'll see if that makes a difference.  So anyway, we trolled along and I caught a small walleye and marked the spot on the GPS.  Lynn left his minnows for us so I was using a minnow.  Lewie refused because he didn't want to catch one of those "damn bass" that you can't keep.  We passed over the spot a few more times but did not get any more bites.

We continued on toward the spot where we had anchored last week and caught all of those bullheads, sunnies, and bass.  We've been looking for it ever since but either we cleaned it out or we can't find it.  I hope to find it now and mark it with the GPS.  As we trolled in the area, Lewie hooked a nice crappie.  I marked that spot and we made a few more passes.  Bang!  Another crappie.  We anchored there to give it a shot.  Lewie caught a third but then that was it.

After some time, we decided to "give it another 15 seconds, 10 of which are already up" (This has been going on for the past week.  The time changes, but the idea remains).  Then Lewie pulled the anchor, I moved the boat a little, and then Lewie dropped the anchor again.  We gave it some more time but there wasn't much going on.  Another 20 seconds, 18 of which were already up, and then we pulled anchor, moved the boat a little, and anchored again.  We continued this another five or six times before giving up.

Denise and I were on our own for the evening.  One of the staff members that works at the resort was getting married and Lewie attended.  However he didn't stay long as it was a no-host bar and the beers were $3 each.  He only had two.  But he did come back with a smile as he stopped at the VFW hall on his way home.  He was back sometime around 8:30 pm. 

Denise and I were still sitting in the same spot as we were when Lewie left at 6:00 pm.  We'd been entertaining Ed, a lonely 88 year old man with absolutely nothing to say, for the past 40 minutes and were happy to have help from Lewie.  We sat out another 20 minutes before giving in to the cold and seeking the warmth of the trailer.

We fried fish and then retired for the evening.  I sure hope the weather is better tommorrow.

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