45+ mph Winds - 8/18
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The wind is back and is blowing from the northwest.  It's coming right off of the north lake and hitting the broad side of our trailer.  The trailer is shaking and rocking so hard we wonder if the trailer might blow over.  I decide it would be a good idea if I sit on the windy side of the trailer to add some weight.  It takes two hands and just about all of one's strength to hang on to the door when going in or out.  And the waves on the lake are about 2 - 3 feet high, crashing over the boat dock.  The forecast says the wind is blowing 25 - 35 mph with gusts to 45 mph but that's for Fergus Falls.  I'm sure it's blowing harder than that here.

Denise and I spend the day running errands in Fergus.  Although windy, it's not nearly blowing like it is back at camp.  Tonight, I'm grilling (they don't barbeque here) tri-tip roasts.  They've never heard of tri-tip here so this will be new.  Lynn wants to know what part of the beef it comes from but I can only tell him it must come from somewhere near the sirloin and prime rib because that's where it is in the store.  Anyway, I have a marinade (another thing I should add to Better Than Favorites) that is very good but requires fresh ginger root.  Now what do you suppose the chances are of finding it?  However we did find it at the grocery store.  I'm not sure it could really be classified as "fresh".  It was dried up and shriveled, looking much like ginger root that I usually throw out after it's a month or so old.  But I buy it and it works.

We also stopped at Wal-Mart to buy a fishing pole for Denise.  She's been using one that I put together from parts in Lewie's collection but the reel isn't very smooth and the eye second from the tip must have some crack in it because the line keeps coming out.  Lewie will probably think that the new rod is a total waste of money since "there's not a damn thing wrong with this one."

So we make our way back to the sporting goods section and I ask Denise what type of fishing pole she wanted.  She said, "a red one".  OK, a red one.  I said I was thinking more along the lines of a spinning reel or close faced reel, a shorter one or a longer one, a real flexible one or a stiffer one; not what color.  But as I browsed the rack, here's a red and gold colored Shakespeare 6' medium action rod with matching reel that already has fishing line on it for just $15.  Perfect!  She has a pole that is perfect for this lake, in the color she wants, and at a very reasonable price.

We got back in the early afternoon around 2:00 pm.  Lynn and Rose were packing and almost ready to leave.  We said our goodbyes and then Denise and I retreated from the wind to the comfort of our trailer.  It was still blowing like hell.

I caught up on the web site while Denise dozed off and on between episodes of the Andy Griffith Show and Leave It To Beaver.  Around 5:00 pm, we packed our things and headed over to Lynn and Kim's cabin.  We spent the evening playing Liar's Dice and then I grilled the tri-tips that had been marinating all afternoon.  Add some mashed red potatoes and sweet corn, and we had a supper fit for a king.

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