A Late Start - 8/17
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Barb Denise Kim Larry Lewie and Larry Lynn G. Lynn W.

We kind of got a late start after our late night sitting around the campfire.  Larry and Barb had to leave today so we spent the late morning visiting.  I haven't had the camera out much because we've been busy fishing but I took pictures of everyone that was here.  Well almost everyone.  Rose had a bit of the flu and was resting inside her camper.  I also got a few more pictures for Lewie's "Name" Album.

After Larry and Barb left, Lewie, Lynn G., Kim, and Lynn W. went fishing in there boat.  Denise had some lunch and then went out in the rental.  We had a nice afternoon but the fishing still sucked.  I caught about 4 bass and Denise caught a couple but they were only in the 12 - 14 inch range.  Not the much more exciting 17 - 18 inchers we caught last week.  I can't even imagine what a 21" "keeper" would be like to land.  Besides the bass, Denise got a nice bullhead and I caught two sunnies.

The others caught about 10 bass between them and they were the larger ones.  Not keepers but they had a great time catching them.  In addition, they got 3 bullheads and about 7 sunnies.

In the evening, Lewie went down to the bridge and caught a bucket of sunnies.  They haven't been biting there much this year but tonight they were.  After Lewie cleaned the fish, he treated all of us to supper at the steakhouse.  Then another evening fire but we didn't stay up as late as we did the previous night.

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