Another Nice Day - 8/12
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Another beautiful day.  It's still cold but not as cold as yesterday.  I'm back in shorts and Denise doesn't have the hat or scarf.  Lewie is dressed the same.

We were on the lake by 10:00 am but the fishing sucked.  Not much of anything.  I did catch a nice walleye but beyond that we only had one sunny.  We were back in by noon.

After a brief break, we tried a different area of the lake.  Nothing.  Denise was ready to quit and we were ready to try another area so Lewie and I dropped her off at the dock.  Then we headed back to where we anchored the previous day.

Success!  I caught 7 bullheads, 5 bass, and a few sunnies.  Lewie hooked several bass but was using a different rod with another reel that was less than 100%  Apparently he can't adjust the drag without pliers.  Unable to adjust the drag when fighting the bass, he lost at least half of the bass he hooked.  But he caught a few bullheads and some sunnies.  It was a good outing.

All of the sudden, the fish quit biting.  It was getting colder and the wind was coming up so we were back in at 5:30 pm.  After cleaning fish and relaxing a little, I barbequed the steaks we had marinating.  Although we didn't have "surf and turf", I offer to cook some of the fish so we could have "steak and lake" but Denise and Lewie declined.  After dinner, we took it easy as we were pretty tired from the previous "party" nights.

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