Better Weather - 8/11
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The weather looks much better today!  It's still a little windy and quite cold but we should be able to get out in the boat.

After some breakfast and coffee, we got ready to go.  I even put on long pants as today's forecasted high temperature is only 59 degrees and that's for Fergus Falls, about 11 miles northwest.  I suspect the temperature near the lake will be slightly cooler.

Anyway, Denise comes out of the trailer bundled for winter.  Long pants, sweatshirt, coat, crocheted winter hat, scarf, wool socks, and mittens.  I wouldn't be surprised if there was long underwear under all of that as well.  But Lewie just wears his same attire, adding the one flannel shirt he wears when it's a little cooler.  Blue jeans, button front sport shirt, suspenders, his ball cap with "Women
Want Me, Fish Fear Me" stitched on the front, and his blue suede shoes with his name written across the toes (Lewie writes his name on EVERYTHING).  I would  have taken pictures but digital cameras and aluminum fishing boats and their usual 1/2 gallon of water in the bottom just don't mix.

We got started around 11:00 am.  After some fruitless trolling, we found a good spot and anchored.  Denise caught several fish including bass, bullheads, and sunnies.  I landed two bass and more sunnies I could count.  And Lewie caught some fish but spent most of the day fiddling with his reel.  He's had it forever and (of course) refuses to get a new one.  Finally on one cast, his reel "exploded" into five or six pieces.  I asked him if I could buy him a new reel now.  Again, he refused stating he could fix it.  He worked on it a while longer and then realized that he lost an important piece in the explosion.  Again I offered a new one but he claimed he had a new one in his motor home.

We were out until 3:30 pm.  We would have stayed longer but one's bladder can only hold so much.  Besides, hunger was setting in.  After a bite to eat and relieving the pressure, Lewie and I went back out.  Denise decided to stay back to shower, wash dishes, and other small chores.

Our second outing was basically non-productive.  Lewie brought his "new" reel.  It wasn't new.  It was another old reel but it did work better.  Lewie caught a crappie and a perch.  I caught nothing.  We were back in by 6:00 pm.

It took us nearly an hour to clean the fish from the first outing.  Lewie still cleans two or three fish to my one.  I haven't gotten any faster.  Had I cleaned the bucket all by myself, I would have been there for 3-4 hours.  That would be enough to keep me from fishing.

After we got the fish cleaned, we went to the steakhouse and had a few drinks.  While we were there, Pat Schultz, one of the brothers that own the resort, was there.  We asked about the rumor that all sites were going seasonal.  He confirmed it was true and explained that he has a waiting list of 100 people waiting for sites. Lake front property is increasing in value and the state of Minnesota is increasing property taxes accordingly.  So the Schultz brothers are forced to either go seasonal to ensure a full resort or raise prices to cover the vacancies.  With 100 people on their waiting list for seasonal sites, it makes more business sense to go seasonal.

We understand.  However there may be hope yet.  Pat told us he may have a site that will not go seasonal and he will keep it for long term stays.  Basically, if we want a month and two other people want a month, he will keep it available.  He doesn't care.  He just wants to ensure his sites are filled.  So we'll see.

Anyway, we played more Liar's Dice and Spades.  We finally gave up around 11:00.

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