Still Windy - 8/10
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It's Not The Ocean Tent Gives In An American Windmill

Well the wind continues to blow.  Follow the links on the left for examples.

Yesterday, we decided we were sick of listening to our dogs scratch and chew on themselves all night.  They are prone to allergies and we've been giving them Benadryl but it doesn't work very well.  Plus Pearl has learned how to lick all of the peanut butter off of her pill and then spit it out.  So now I've taken to prying her mouth open and doing my best to shove her pill down her throat.  But I'm not very good at it so it takes several attempts.  And then when I finally get it in there, I hold her mouth closed so she can't spit it out.  I figure it can dissolve on her tongue if she's not willing to swallow it.  I'm really surprised she hasn't bitten me yet.

So anyway, yesterday I found a vet and called to see what it would take to get a round of prednisone (the steroids they normally get).  They said to have our vet call and then they could fill the prescription.  I called our vet.  They seemed to think they couldn't do it because we were in a different state.  I called the MN vet back.  They didn't understand but made an appointment for 10:00 am this morning.

However yesterday afternoon while Lewie and I were fighting the wind fishing at the bridge, Denise decided to call our vet back and ask further questions.  I'm not sure what discussion ensued but our vet fax the dogs' medical records to the vet here in Fergus Falls.  So I called this morning to see if I had to keep the 10:00 am appointment or if the vet would just prescribe the medicine.  Yeaaaaay!  I can just pick up the prescriptions.

So Lewie and I went into town to get the pills.  Then we ran quite a few other errands, one of which was back to grocery store.  Here we go again!  We'll probably be at the store 5 days out of 7 each week we're here.  But anyway, that took most of the afternoon.

And now I sit here in the trailer, catching up on the web site.  Denise and Lewie are at the table, playing spades.  My throat is getting kind of dry so I'm going to give this up and join them.  We'll see how the weather is tomorrow...

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