Bad Weather - 8/9
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Well so much for good weather.  The wind is blowing somewhere around 30 mph or so.  The Fergus Falls weather report says the wind is at 20 mph but that is quite a ways from the lake.  I'm sure it's blowing harder here since it is open and flat with nothing to slow the wind down.  It is also raining.

So we decide to spend the day in Fergus Falls and do a little shopping.  We started with lunch at Godfather's Pizza.  The pizza is garbage but the fried chicken is wonderful.  That, salad, and a "pop" is all you need.

Then off to SunMart, the local grocery store.  I figured what the heck and took my camera along.  You can see the photos by clicking the links on the left.

Then we went to Fleet Farm.  I picked up a pole holder that clamps to the side of the boat.  That will make things easier for me and keep my hand free for piloting the boat and marking bites on the GPS unit.

And that was our day.  It was about 4:00 when we got back from Fergus Falls.  Lewie and I braved the wind and fished a little by the bridge.  There wasn't much action as we only got 8 Sunnies before giving in.

Then it was more Liar's Dice and Spades.  We did fry the fish from yesterday and today and had that for dinner.  I sure hope the weather is better tomorrow.

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