Ten Mile Lake, MN - 8/7
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We were rocked with severe thundershowers around 4:30 am this morning.  Crash!  Bang!  The dogs were obviously scared and jumped into bed with us.  Pearl was shaking profusely.  We allowed them to stay since they were so frightened and because we weren't going to get any sleep anyway until they stopped.  The storm must have been right over us because the flashes of lightening and the thunder crashes occurred simultaneously.  Fortunately the whole thing only lasted 15 minutes or so before going on its merry way.

We went back to sleep and then finally arose around 9:00 am.  Kim fixed a nice roast beef dinner (lunch).  Then we packed things up, said our goodbyes, and were on our way by 2:30 pm.

It was very hot and sultry at Ten Mile Lake.  I parked the rig and got all of the things hooked up.  Then we enjoyed several games of Liar's Dice and enough beer to replace the fluids lost due to the heat.  We played outside since it started to cool down a little.

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