Magic Show - 8/6
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Today is the big day.  I promised the cousins I would do a magic show when we were in town.  Tonight is the night.  But as you can see by the sign, the city misunderstood and posted that a "Musician" is in town.  Maybe I could play some background music while performing?

After a very nice brunch (I thought the noon meal was "dinner") at Aunt Janice's house, Denise, Kim, Lewie, and Kara went to Marshall, MN to do some shopping.  I went back to the farm to "hearse and rehearse" as Lewie said.  This was my first attempt at a real scripted show and not just "winging" it.  So I spent a few hours going over my scripts and working through the show.

Around 4:00 pm, everyone was back and I was confident I could remember what I needed to do.  We sat around and visited while the cousins arrived.  We finally left around 7:30 pm as the magic show started at 8:00 pm.

I was a little nervous but Denise was even more nervous.  I don't know why as she wasn't the one that was about to stand up in front of everybody.  But anyway, everything went fine up until the last trick.  Out of three correct cards on the last trick, I only got two because I hadn't properly reset the deck from earlier practicing.  But I just said, "Two out of three ain't bad" and I'm not so sure they didn't think it was part of the trick.

Anyway, the ones that were interested sat up close and the ones that weren't stayed in the back near the bar.  At one point, one guy exclaimed that I was "fuckin' freakin' him out".  Well that's about as good of a compliment I could get so I was happy about that.  Many others came up to me after and said thanks and that they enjoyed the show.  Several even bought me a beer.

Well tomorrow we head for Ten Mile Lake.  It's only about 160 miles so it won't be a long travel day.  We're almost there!

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