Ten Mile Lake Map
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I had a few reports that my first attempt at posting a map didn't work out well.  Now I'm trying a different approach.  OziExplorer is the mapping software I'm using but it doesn't appear to have the capability to save a map image as a picture.  However it will print map images to paper.  So as a workaround, I created the map and then printed it to an Adobe PDF file, which is a digital equivalent of a printed map.

To view an Adobe PDF file, you need to have the free Adobe Reader software installed.  Many computers already have it.  If yours does, you can just click the link and it will load.  If you're not sure, try clicking the link anyway.  If you don't have Adobe, you will get an error asking what program you want to use to open the file.  For instructions on installing the Adobe Reader, see my "How Do I ...?" section.

The map is nearly 500 KB so it may take a little time to download.  The "fish" icons are actual places where we've either caught fish or had bites.  Obviously, not every fish we caught is marked as many times we find a "hole" and then fish until they quit biting.  But it should give you an idea.  Basically the fish seem to be in about 10 feet of water as indicated by the first depth line from the shore.

Download the Map

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