Oreville, SD - 8/4
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I slept better last night and Denise really slept well.  I was up just after 6:30 am but Denise didn't get up until after 9:30 am.  I spent the morning catching up on the web site and enjoying morning coffee.

Finally we got going and headed in to Rapid City to find Sanford's.  Sanford's is a restaurant kind of similar to Chili's but still different.  We stumbled across Sanford's when we were here in 2001 and have never forgotten it.  (pictures from that trip can be found by clicking here)  But unfortunately I couldn't quite remember where it was located.  I asked the camp host and he told us it was on Omaha and 7th streets.  We began the 29 mile ride into Rapid City.

About 10 miles into the trip, I asked Denise if she remembered the street.  I remembered the 7th street but couldn't remember the other.  I thought is was Orchard or Orchid or something like that but Denise knew it was a "place" and insisted it was Okalahoma.  Isn't aging grand?  But Denise's hint reminded me that it was in fact, Omaha.  And now I write this paragraph for your entertainment value and so that if we ever come here again, I'll be able to look back and know where Sanford's is.

We had a great lunch and started with Deep Fried Pickles.  Although they sound weird, they are quite good.  Just dill pickle spears that have been breaded and deep fried.  They are served with a chipotle ranch dressing for dipping.  For my main course, I had a "Pants on Fire" burger, which was a hamburger and two strips of bacon.  Then the whole thing was drenched with buffalo wing sauce and covered with bleu cheese.  Excellent!  Denise had the "Gilligan" burger which was a burger, chopped ham, pineapple, and cream cheese.  It was drenched in teriyaki sauce.  After she scraped off the cream cheese, she enjoyed her burger as well.

After Sanford's we went to Albertsons and picked up some of the essentials; cookies, milk, breakfast cereal, cookies, tomatoes, lettuce, and cookies.  Oh, did I mention cookies?  I think we're on a sweet binge.  I never tried this before but decided to use the self checkout instead of waiting in line for a regular cashier.  It works fairly well except that it kept telling me to remove items from the bagging area.  Well what the hell, the bag isn't full yet.  It was pretty irritating to have to keep hitting the continue button before scanning the next item.  I have no idea why the machine was programmed to worry about items in the bagging area.  Anyway it was an experience however next time I'll wait in line.  It will probably be faster.

And now we're back in the trailer listening to the hum of the generator and watching DirecTV.  It will be an early night as we have to travel 453 miles tomorrow and will lose an hour when we enter the Central time zone.

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