Oreville, SD - 8/3
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Today is just a short 225 mile drive to the Black Hills in SD.  I made reservations back in October for two nights at this little federal campground just south of Hill City.  We stayed here three years ago and really liked it.  You can reference those pages starting here.

We didn't get going until around 10:15 or so as we took our time and slept in.  Although it's a short drive it seems to be taking f o r e v e r.  But we arrive around 2:30 pm and get things setup.

Then we went into Hill City for lunch.  We thought of going to Sanfords in Rapid City but then we saw that it was 29 miles, not something we wanted to do after spending 3 days in the truck.  We found the Mt. Rushmore Brewery in town and tried it.  Denise is sure we went there the last time we were here.  I don't deny it but I have no recollection.  Denise just remembers the place but can't remember what we had or if we thought it was good.

Anyway, we sat at a table right by the window where we could watch the activity in the street and the sky.  The afternoon thunder showers were rolling in and it was funny to watch the people that were caught in the rain.  Some panic and run for the nearest shelter.  Others just take it in stride.

The beer and artichoke dip was really good.  Denise enjoyed her Buffalo Fajita Wrap but my Buffalo Philly Sandwich was crap.  But like I said, the beer was good so the sandwich didn't matter that much.

After lunch we stopped at the store for some ice before heading back.  The thunder showers were in full bloom so we spend the rest of the afternoon watching the rain and relaxing.

While sitting out under our awning, a homeless cat visited.  At first, the cat kind of snuck up on us and the dogs.  His teeth were bared and we're not quite sure what his intentions were.  I chased him off and he ran up this rock cropping behind our camp.  He had no trouble scaling the 100 foot or so steep cropping and then watched us from the top.  I tried throwing a couple of rocks his direction but my aim is bad and he wasn't scared in the least.  So we kept our eye on him and then he finally disappeared over the back side.

Later after it was dark and the dogs were in the trailer, the cat came up to us.  He was loving and rubbing up against our legs.  We suspected he was hungry.  I contemplated between wanting to feed him but not wanting him to decide our trailer was his new home.  Finally I gave in and decided to give him a bowl of dog food but placed it some distance from our camp.  He sniffed the food but did not eat and came back to us.  After some time he finally went on his way.  I don't know what he really wanted but I was quite surprised that he would even come up to us.  Most "wild" cats are extremely skittish and would not do that.

So anyway, that was our fun for the evening and we finally retired for some much needed rest.

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