Casper, WY - 8/2
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Well another night of restless sleep.  I dreamed we ran out of fuel amongst many other busy thoughts.  Denise had a similar restless night but at least she can sleep in the truck.

We were on our way around 7:45 am and the first place we stopped was at a filling station right down the road.  I still had 18 gallons of diesel and it's only 120 miles to Salt Lake City.  At our normal 9 miles per gallon, it should have been no problem to get to Salt Lake but after my dream, I decided not to risk it.  Besides, diesel in CA was $2.07 but here it's only $1.91 so it seems cheap.  I never thought I'd feel fuel under $2 was "cheap" but here I am.

Well not the end of the world but diesel in Salt Lake City is only $1.81.  Damn!  I could have saved about $7 on a tank if I had waited.  Hey, what's this sign at the next exit?  Yes it is!  It's Perkins!!!  Perkins is a chain coffee shop that we love.  It's good food and good value.  So we stop for breakfast.

This Perkins is a little different.  It's kind of a cross between a food court type place and a regular coffee shop.  You order at the counter but then they bring the food to your table.  You get your own drinks, silverware, napkins, etc. and the food was served on plastic plates.  But it didn't matter.  It was still good food.

We sailed right through the city as it was about 10:30 am and the rush hour traffic was over.  Then the grade out of Salt Lake up to Park City is a steep one but the truck handled it with little difficulty.

Again, the GPS unit was pretty close and we landed in Casper, WY right about 5:15 pm.  We probably would have made it right at 5:00 pm like the GPS predicted if we hadn't come across this husband and wife idiot team on the highway.  The highway out of Rawlings, WY (where we left I-80) is just two lane.  There's little to no passing lanes.  Well this idiot team is traveling the highway at about 45 mph (the speed limit is 65 mph).  She's driving a Dodge Ram pickup truck.  Attached to the Dodge is a "Soda Jerks" truck with a chain.  The "Soda Jerks" truck, an old beat up piece of shit, is similar to a U-haul and is apparently their business.  He's driving the "Soda Jerks" truck.  But attached to the "Soda Jerks" truck is a "Soda Jerks" trailer.

The traffic is backed up behind them for at least a mile.  There's plenty of wide spots where they could pull over and allow the traffic to pass but they don't.  Finally there's a passing lane and we get around them.  They wouldn't even look at us, probably because they knew that us, and many of the others behind us, would like to share a gesture that describes how we feel about the whole thing.  But there they were, two sun baked idiots just toddling down the road without any regard for their own safety or others on the highway.  It reminded us of a previous experience in WY three years ago.

The RV park in Casper wasn't anything but a dirt and gravel lot with the trailers lined up in a row but it worked.  There was water, electricity, cable TV, and sewer hook-ups and that's all we needed for the night.  However it was nothing like their website portrayed.  I don't have Internet access right now to look up their site but I will post it later if I remember to come back and edit this page.  But a quick search on Google for "Fort Caspar Campground" (yes, that's how it's spelled) should turn it up.

We sat out and watched the clouds threaten to begin thunder showers at any time.  We did see lightning in the distance but never did more than a few drops fall on us.  It was a nice evening and I was glad to be out of the truck.  Nearly 1100 miles in two days gets tiring.

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