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Q:  How can I view *.pdf files?

A:  You must install Adobe Reader.  The current version as of October 10, 2003 is version 6.0.  Follow the steps below to install it.

Note:  I have found that Adobe Reader version 6.0 will NOT install if you have an old version of Internet Explorer (5.5 and older I think).  You can check your version of Internet Explorer (and most other software) by opening it and then clicking on "Help -> About" in the menu bar.

For instructions on how to update Internet Explorer and the rest of your Windows operating system, click here.

1.    Click on this link to go to the Adobe web site:

2.    Choose your language, operating system, and connection speed.  For example, English, Windows 98, and dial-up.  Check the "full version" box unless you know you don't want all of the features.  Leave the "Do not use Adobe Download Manager" box unchecked.  Finally, click the red "Download" button to begin receiving the file.

3.    The following box will appear:

Click "Open" to download and start installation all in one step.  Advanced users can click "Save" to save the file to a location of their choice on the hard drive and install at a later time.

4.    Once installation starts, you'll see the following screen:

5.    Next you'll see this:

Click "Next".

6.    The following appears:

Click "Next" again.

7.    Then you see:

Again, "Next" is the button you want.

8.    Then the following appears:

Now we're getting close.  Click "Install".

9.   The software is installed on your computer.

10.  When complete, you see this:


Click "Finish".  Congratulations!  You've installed Adobe Reader 6.0 and will now be able to view *.pdf files.

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