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Q:  Uncle Alan writes:

If you have time, I need to know how to change my back ground color

A:  Steps to change the background color of your desktop.

Please note these pictures are taken from my Windows XP machine using a modified theme.  Your windows might look different but the steps should be the same.

1.    Enter the "Display Properties" dialogue box.  The easiest way I know to do this is to right-click somewhere on the background color on your screen.  Do not click on an icon, just the background color that you want to change.  You will get a box that looks like:


2. Click "Properties".  You should be presented with the Display Properties dialogue box.

3.  Notice the tabs at the top labeled "Themes", "Desktop", "Screen Saver", "Appearance", and "Settings".

4.  Click on the one labeled "Desktop".  Now the box should look like this:

5.  Notice the "Color" button near the lower right corner.

6. Click the button and pick your new color.


7.  If you don't like those colors, you can select "Other..." to see more.

8.  Select your color and click "OK" to exit.

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