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Q:  I have an email address at  Mail sent to that address gets forwarded to an account at my ISP.  I use Outlook 2002 to retrieve my mail.  How do I create a rule so spam is filed into a "Spam" folder?

A:  You need to use the "Rules Wizard" in Outlook 2002 to create a rule that searches the email for the "Spam" flag that was inserted when your mail was scanned at  These directions will only work if you have a <me> email address.

1.    Start Outlook 2002.

2.    Find and click on the "Rules Wizard" under the "Tools" menu.

3.    This box lists all of your rules.  Note yours are probably blank.

4.    Click on the button to create a new rule.  You will get the following:

5.    Click "Start from a blank rule" at the top.

So your window looks like this:

6.    Since we're checking messages when they arrive, we can now click the button.  You'll get the following:

7.    Scroll down until you find "with specific words in the message header" and click it.

8.    Now click in the "Rule Description" box where it says "specific words".  Enter "X-Spam-Status: Yes" in the box.

9.    Click the button.  Your search text will drop down into the "Search List:"

10.    Click to return to the Rules Wizard.

11.    Click .  At the top of the list is "move it to the specified folder".  Check this and then click "specified folder" as in step 8.  Pick your folder or create a "New" one.  Please note that if you create a new folder, your new folder will be created as a subfolder of whatever item is highlighted when you click .  For example, if your "Inbox" is highlighted when you click , your new folder will be in your inbox.

When you are all finished, the window should look like this:

12.    Because we don't need to add anything else to our rule, click .  If you accidentally click , just click in the next box.  You will see the following box with your new rule at the top.

13.  Click .  Congratulations!  You are finished.  Now you should find all email that has been tagged as spam in your "Spam" folder.  No longer will you have to wade through it to read the email you really want.

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