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Another beautiful day.  Unfortunately for us, we really can't take advantage of it.  We need most of today to prepare for our dreaded departure tomorrow.  One gets out a lot of stuff over the course of 5 weeks and it takes time to clean it all up and put it away.  Plus I have to measure and cut all the straps to get the new boat cover on, check air pressure in all 12 tires, grease the bearings on the boat trailer, and who knows what else.  Oh, and then we have to go into town and buy supplies for our trip home, including the dreaded stop at the diesel pump.  Fortunately this year, fuel has actually come down about twenty cents since we've been here.

After our errands, we went to Applebee's and had a few of their Perfect Margaritas.  We sat around the bar and spoke with the locals.  Everyone here is so nice.  We spoke with one woman that is a Los Angeles transplant.  When her son was young, she moved from Los Angeles to live in a better environment for raising her son.  She's been here 20 years now and feels it's the best move she ever made.

Another two guys came in with the intention of taking full advantage of the Long Island Iced Tea happy hour special from 3pm - 6pm.  They did it the right way in that they had a friend drop them off and intended to call a cab for the ride home.  Although the younger guy was a bit shy and quiet, the older one was a complete riot.  He had snuck out of the house before his wife got home from work to enjoy his beverages.  It was immediately apparent that his marriage isn't the best and his stories (which I can't remember now) were hilarious.

Since we did not have the luxury of a ride back to camp, we left before things got too out of hand (although Denise and I would have like to stay).  We went back to finish the packing up but agreed that when we were done, we'd go to the bar in Ashby as we did on our last night last year.  Finally we went to Ashby for a few more cocktails and supper.  Unfortunately, the hour and a half long pause to pack up ruined my buzz and I was unable resume with any vigor but Denise and Lewie seemed to do just fine.  We shook dice and told lies until about 9:00 pm.

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