Finally - 9/4
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Finally the weather is nice today.  Lewie took us to the Dalton Cafe for breakfast.  He said he was going through withdrawals as he hadn't had any biscuits and gravy for over a week.

Lewie ordered his biscuits and gravy.  I ordered my usual chicken fried steak and eggs.  Denise and Nicki each ordered one pancake which is all one can eat when the pancake is about 13 inches in diameter.  The edges actually hang over the edge of the plate.

Now here is the difference between a small town and a big city restaurant.  When the orders came out, the gravy on Lewie's biscuits and my steak was brown instead of the normal whitish color for country gravy.  The waitress said, "I don't know what's wrong with the gravy but I hope it tastes good."  I guess it didn't occur to them to throw it out and start over?

But it was good, although I'd still rather have the normal country gravy.  It tasted to me like someone grabbed the chicken gravy mix instead of the country gravy mix.  We finished our breakfast, said goodbye to Nicki, and headed back to camp.

We gathered our fishing gear, hooked up the boat, and went to Sewell Lake.  The boat ramp parking was completely full of boat trailers from others that had launched.  Ten trailers in total.  We launched our boat and I parked across the street.

Out on the lake we went full of anticipation.  With all those others that had launched, the fishing here must be awesome.  But where are the boats?  We could only see one or two along the lake and it's not that big.  Maybe they're around the corner.

We started trolling along the shore, searching for fish and other boats as the boats must be where the fish are.  But we never really found them.  Yeah, a boat here.  A boat there.  We talked to the people on one and they hadn't caught anything.  We continued.

After spending 2 hours, trolling the entire lake, and never even getting a bite, we decided to go back to Stalker Lake.  We loaded up and headed out.

Stalker Lake didn't prove much better for anyone other than Denise.  She caught 5 Northerns.  Lewie caught a few perch and I think I caught one as well.  Now I can understand why Lewie didn't catch any Northerns as he refuses to use the lures that work.  He will only use the old rusty spoons that he has in his box and rarely catches anything with them.  But I was using the exact same lure as Denise but with a different color.  It was the same color I caught fish with the previous Thursday.  Denise was using the one with which she had success on Thursday as well.  I didn't have another lure with the same color as Denise was using but I had other colors.  None worked.  Interesting.  By 3:30 pm, we were tired, hungry, and in desperate need of a restroom.  We pulled out the boat and headed back to camp.

The evening was nice but uneventful.  Lewie went back to his motorhome around 8:30 pm.  Denise and I headed in at 9:00 pm to watch some TV before retiring.  However the TV didn't work as it wasn't receiving a satellite signal.  Odd.  It was working just fine before and nothing has changed.  I set out to investigate.

Thirty minutes later my shirt is soaked with sweat but I get the TV working.  I don't know how but the center wire on both ends of the cable had broken off.  I wished I had checked the cable first but no, I checked everything else such a dish elevation, azimuth setting, receiver, etc. and did it multiple times.

So Denise watched TV while I took a shower.  Then we hit the rack at 10:00 pm.

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