No End - 9/3
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Now we're used to the thundershowers that dump 3 - 4 inches of rain in an hour but then they clear up.  But this fucking rain just won't quit!  It's the third day in a row of solid constant rain.  Just about the time you think it's going to quit, it starts again.  Judging by the water I've emptied from buckets sitting outside, I'll bet we've had 8 inches of rain in the past 3 days.  I know the official rain total for Fergus Falls over the 3 days is right around 5 inches but I think they lie.  Either that or we actually got more at Ten Mile Lake.

So I quit!  There will be not boating excursions today.  Instead, Denise, Nicki, and I take a ride to Battle Lake.  I found Sunset Beach Resort on the Internet and it looks like a promising place to stay.  Battle Lake is about 27 miles to the northeast so it doesn't take us too long to get there.  And the rain stopped once we got to Dalton, just about 2.5 miles from Ten Mile Lake.  So the black cloud remains over us (or our camp).

Battle Lake is a very nice community.  Although the sign shows a population of just 750, there's quite a few businesses in town.  Three realtors, antique shops, craft shops, restaurants, hotels, etc.  It must be a vacation destination for many.

The campground is nice but again, they mostly cater to seasonals.  They only have one spot with full hook-ups but it is a nice spot by itself.  The grounds are wooded and the sites are grass.  None of that sand that we're camping in now.  The site is available for next year if we choose to do that.

We're going to have to discuss it.  We've decided that a big part of why we like to come here is the laid back culture where everyone is nice to each other.  Because things aren't crowded here there isn't so much competition for resources.  We enjoy getting away from the competitive nature of the West Coast where the general attitude is "you can be first after me".  So yes, there are lots of beautiful places we can go within a day or two's drive from our home.  But yet we will still be amongst the crowds which is why we're considering our options for coming back to Minnesota.

Anyway, it was a nice drive.  We went back to camp and basically repeated the events of the night before, although this time I didn't trip over the heater when rolling up the awning before bed like I did last night.  I didn't injure any bones or joints but I sure managed to scrape up my leg on the sharp metal edges of the heater.  It had been off for 5 minutes or so but I think I probably burned myself too, judging by the blisters amongst the scrapes.  Oh well, why should any of my vacation be pain free.  Heck, I am almost over the shingles so I needed something to replace it.

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