Rain - 9/1
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Rain.  The forecast is for rain all day today.  And since it was correct, we didn't do much.  I spent a lot of time updating the web site.  Denise watched TV.  Lewie watched his Hogan's Heros DVDs and occasionally went to the bridge to fish between showers.  However he was never out long.

Finally around 2:00 pm, Denise and I decided to take a drive and check out Ashby Resort which I drove by on Wednesday.  Our site at Ten Mile Lake is basically a pretty shitty site.  They added it last year by bringing in a bunch of dirt and gravel to "level" out an unleveled area at the edge of their property.  We complained about it last year and they promised that they were going to get grass growing, pack it down, and level it out.  They said they had tried to do it before we arrived last year but the rains kept washing away the grass seed and gravel.  Yet nothing has changed this year, other than the winter snow packed the gravel down a little. 

We checked out Ashby Resort to see what they had to offer.  The owners were very nice but like most resorts here, almost all of their sites were for seasonal rental.  They had 3 sites for overnighters but they were right on top of each other in the middle of the campground.  Thus Ashby Resort is not an option for us.

On my trips back and forth to Parker's Prairie, I passed by Eagle Lake.  It's one of the few lakes that has freshwater coral and I'd heard it's beautiful but I couldn't really see it from the road.  Since it was just up the road from Ashby, Denise and I drove around the lake and looked at all the houses.  There was no public access on the lake that we found so we were unable to actually see the lake close up.  There were a lot of nice houses but none for sale, furthering our suspicion that this area is probably pretty popular.

So that killed some time and we were back to camp around 4:30 pm.  We met Lewie at the steakhouse at 6:00 pm and had a nice supper.  However we went our separate ways after so no late night partying for us.  Hopefully the weather will be better tomorrow.

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