Wind Advisory - 8/31
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Wind advisory today.  The National Weather Service issues wind advisories when sustained winds are above 35 mph and/or gusts above 45 mph.  It's in effect until 4:00 pm.  Thus fishing at Ten Mile Lake is not possible.

However a guy that works here (I should ask his name) told me about Clear Lake.  I asked if it was possible that it wasn't so windy there.  He thought it might be because the lake sits in a "bowl", surrounded by hills.  We got in the truck and gave it a try.

But the waves were as big as the ones at Ten Mile Lake.  Across the lake might have been calmer but launching a boat in those conditions is difficult at best.  We decided to try Stalker Lake again as at least we knew the launch was in a protected cove.

Stalker wasn't too bad and we launched.  We could see white caps across the lake but we were on the side closest to the wind so the water was fairly calm.  I stayed close to shore and we trolled back to where I had a bit of luck yesterday.

Everyone had a few bites and a few little ones were caught but no keepers.  We trolled back toward the dock and beyond.

I found two deep areas separated by a shallow one.  The depths went from 4 ft down to 25 ft. in a matter of 10 yds.  As we trolled back and forth across the areas, we got bites right along these shelves.

Denise caught three although I lost two of them trying to get them in the boat.  I caught one keeper.  The net is a double edged sword.  Yes, it helps land the fish but the ensuing mess as the fish flops and entangles itself and the lure in the netting is miserable.  And trying to untangle the mess with a fish capable of removing ones finger adds to the problem.  So I tried to get the first two without the net but the fish broke the line both times as it flopped along side the boat.  I guess that's why one should use steel leader when fishing for Northern Pike.  After the look I got when losing the second, I wasn't about to lose a third.  It probably took me 15 minutes to untangle the ensuing mess but I didn't lose the fish.

It's bingo night at the Elk's Lodge so we left the lake at 3:30 pm.  Denise showered while I cleaned our total catch of two Northerns and a bass (they don't have to be 21" in Stalker Lake).  Lewie had a bucket of sunnies he'd caught earlier at the bridge.  He managed to clean his 12 sunnies and one of the Northerns in the time I could only clean the bass and other Northern.  He's really fast.

Bingo was fun but no winners for us.  There were a few games where we got close but that was it.  Most winners were split between two tables.  I threatened to go sit with them but they probably wouldn't have appreciated that.  That was our last night of Elk's bingo.

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