Finally Fishing - 8/15
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At 09:00 am, Lewie called and wanted to know the agenda.  I was still trying to shake the cobwebs out of my head from last night.  Denise wouldn't admit it but I think she was in about the same shape as I.  However, the weather was very nice and we couldn't waste a good fishing day.  We agreed to meet Lewie at the boat in 30 minutes.

Because the power trim on the boat does not work and the motor tilt isn't adjusted properly, the boat ride kind of like a snow plow.  The nose stays down and the boat won't plane.  Thus it's a long slow ride to the southwestern corner of the lake where we seem to have the best luck.

But we made it and began to troll along our favorite weed line.  The fishing was great!  Denise caught the bulk of the fish with 5 walleye and who knows how many sunnies.  She also caught a turtle but fortunately it got off right next to the boat.  Lewie said that when you catch a turtle, you pretty much have to just cut the line as they always suck their heads into their shell and you can't get the hook out.  Lewie caught a bunch of sunnies as well and I caught a few.  They both like to fish with bait and thus catch a lot more sunnies than I.  I like to use my lures and go for the bigger game.  I enjoyed catching a few large bass even though they have to be returned to the lake.

We were out there until 2:00 pm and didn't even realize how late it was.  The only reason we quit was because we were hungry.  We came back in and had lunch.  Then I helped Lewie clean the fish.  There were 33 sunnies plus the 5 walleye.  Lewie is so fast at filleting the sunnies that I only did the 5 walleye and 4 sunnies.

It was 4:30 pm and I still hadn't heard from Dalton Sports.  I'm getting kinda pissed off since I'm not getting any calls from them.  But I decide that I'm the only one that cares so I drove the mile up the road before they closed at 5:00 pm.  They got the right bearings but the seals were not right.  They ordered new ones that are coming from the cities (Minneapolis/St. Paul) and will be in around noon tomorrow.  I should have the axle by 2:00 pm and they will call me.  Yeah, I've heard that before.  They haven't called me yet.

We had a nice supper and a quiet evening.  All three of us were pretty burnt out after spending the day in the sun.  Lewie went back to his rig around 8:30 pm.  Denise and I sat down to watch TV but promptly fell asleep.  We woke up near 10:00 pm and went to bed.

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