The Shaft - 8/14
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I resumed the boat trailer challenge at 9:00 am this morning.  I started at Dalton Sports, the boat shop I'd visited previously.  I showed Jason (I'm on a first name basis with everyone there now) the axle and although Bill wasn't in yet, he was sure Bill could fix it.  I explained that the trailer was at Ray's Automotive in town and what John had said about needing either new ends or a new axle.  Jason told me Bill was an old farm boy and was good at making things work.  I should hear something later this afternoon.

Next I went to Ray's in town to let them know the status.  I talked with John, the same guy I spoke with on Saturday, and told him the axle was at Dalton Sports.  Turns out Bill is John's brother.  Hope I didn't talk too much shit at the boat shop.

With that done, I got back to camp around 10:30.  Denise and Lewie wanted to go out on the boat so we did.  The weather was great but we didn't catch anything but a couple of sunnies.  I don't know where the fish are this year.  Lewie isn't even getting much at the bridge.

Around 1:00 pm we came in for lunch and I called Dalton Sports.  Bill told me the bearings were in and the axle would be ready around 3:00 pm.  Also, the power trim motor was in and Dalton Sports could install that tomorrow.  Great!  Then I can take the axle to Ray's and get my trailer fixed and then bring the boat in tomorrow and get that fixed.

At 3:00 pm I went to the boat shop.  Bill was at the counter looking for my phone number.  Apparently, the bearings were the wrong size for the axle shaft.  He would have to get some larger ones tomorrow.  OK, one more day.

I went to Ray's and told them about the delay.  John wasn't there but I spoke to another guy and he said the trailer was no problem.  They'd moved it out of the way earlier and whenever I got the axle, that would be fine.  Back to camp I went, thinking of that famous Kenny Rogers song, "You picked a fine time to leave me loose wheel...".

It was colder this evening but I enjoyed it.  Lewie and Denise were content with Mr. Heater (a propane heater), sweatshirts, and cocktails.  Cocktails and my shorts were fine with me.  I hope we didn't bother our neighbors too much.

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