Winnemucca, NV - 9/3
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Well it's just a mere 440 miles we have to travel today to Winnemucca, NV.  We got another early start and were on our way around 8:30 am.

We continued through southeastern Idaho and finally made our first (and last) visit to Perkins restaurant this trip.  We love their breakfasts and always look forward to going.  But so far on this trip, it hasn't worked out to stop there.  Twin Falls, ID is the last town where there is one as there are none in Nevada or California so we stopped there for breakfast.  It was as good as I remembered.

Then it was south to Jackpot, NV and on to Wells, NV.  Then we turned west on I-80 for the final leg and stopped for the night at the Model-T Hotel, Casino, and RV Park in Winnemucca, NV.  We arrived at 3:00 pm and it didn't take us long to get things set up and get to the casino.  After all, this is the last chance for fun.

We enjoyed our evening playing video poker at the bar.  We didn't win but we had many drinks, ate, and didn't spend too much for the 8 hours of entertainment we had.  Thus I figure we got good value.

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