Idaho Falls, ID - 9/2
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We were up fairly early again, even after last night's libations.  There wasn't much to do as I hadn't even unhooked the truck when we pulled in.  We were on our way around 8:00 am again.

And another 470 mostly boring miles today.  The rest of Montana is pretty much desolate until one gets near Bozeman.  There we turn south and cut through the western edge of Yellowstone National Park.  That area is pretty.  But then you start cutting across the southeastern corner of Idaho.  Looks a lot like the Sacramento Valley to me.  Mostly agriculture but at least a little more to look at than North Dakota and Montana.

We arrived at our planned stop in Idaho Falls, ID around 5:00 pm or so.  The KOA we normally stay at is no longer a KOA other that the prices are still high.  It's pretty run down now so we'll try another spot on future trips.

Our evening was quiet as the yellow jackets (bees) were out in full force.  And since we went at it the previous night, we weren't ready to do it again.  Denise watched TV on the local channels and I fiddled with the laptop.  It was an early evening.

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