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Joke of the Day

Check back soon.  He tells 'em but I can't remember them.  Hence the reason for the column.  I'll get him to tell me again.

It's our last day here.  The weather this morning didn't look too good.  Very cloudy and the wind was blowing.  Obviously boat fishing is out of the question today.  Too bad.  We would have liked to take one more outing on the boat.

With the threat of bad weather, I got out early and started packing up all the non-essentials that I'd gotten out over the course of our stay.  The stove, barbeque, lantern, deep fryer, heater, etc.  I also arranged the contents of the back of the truck for travel mode.  In other words, I did things like get the seat out I made out of the boat, move the ice chest from the tailgate to behind the cab, locked the propane tanks in their travel spots, packed away the whiskey, beer, and pop we'd purchase the day before.  Stuff like that.  It took me about 2 hours to get everything ready to go.

Then the sun came out.  It's still windy but the day is looking better.  Denise went to fish with Lewie at the bridge.  I worked on packing the inside of the trailer, moving things from their current, easy access locations to the better suited travel positions.  Then I decided to walk down to the bridge.

The dog I mentioned yesterday is still around.  He's been pestering Lewie at the bridge all morning and eating his fish out of the bucket.  We're glad to see he survived the night but sad to see he is still without a home.  All he wants to do is play and I shot some pictures.  This dog is really kind of breaking both our hearts as we'd love to give him a home but know we can't.  He wouldn't be happy in the city and we wouldn't be happy with him tearing up our yard.  Besides, we already have two and know what an inconvenience it is to have dogs when we want to travel.

We've just been enjoying the day.  I've been finishing up these pages and Denise has been reading her book.  Later this evening, Lewie wants to try a chicken restaurant in Ashby, a little town about 8 miles south of Dalton.  It was recommended to us by another camper here.  Lewie is scheduled to come to our rig at 4:00 pm so I'm frantically trying to finish this up and post it.

Overall, this has been the best year here ever!  The weather has been more good than bad.  Actually very few real bad days at all.  Both of us have just really enjoyed ourselves and loved being here.  We've already reserved a spot again for next year.

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