Finally - 8/29
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Joke of the Day

Check back soon.  He tells 'em but I can't remember them.  Hence the reason for the column.  I'll get him to tell me again.

I'm out of Sudafed and Mucinex so Denise and I thought we'd go to town today to get some more and do our final shopping before heading west.  We need things like propane, ice, beer, travel food, and want to stock up on some of the items we can't get back home such as Mc Adams whiskey, Southern Mills gravy mixes, Masters toasting bread, and the Fry Magic coating we use for the fish.  But it's such a nice day that we choose to fish instead.  Around here, you have to take the good days when you get them.

And it was a nice day out on the lake.  We trolled the south lake where we caught plenty of fish before but still nothing.  I expanded the area a bit and finally found a nice walleye, about 17 1/2 inches long.  Denise and Lewie caught a few sunnies but that was it.

After a lunch break, we tried anchoring near the bridge once again.  Denise really wanted to catch a few more fish before we leave and I know Lewie likes it too.  And I was satisfied because I caught the walleye earlier this morning so I didn't mind.

Finally the fish returned.  Denise and Lewie sat there pulling them in left and right.  Many were too small to keep but there were nice ones too.  I tried casting near the weed line hoping to lure a bass.  By time it was all said and done, there were about 55 medium to good sized sunnies in the bucket.  I had only contributed two so that shows how many they caught.

After an hour in the fish house cleaning, we sat around and enjoyed the early evening.  We didn't stay out too late as we were both tired from last night.

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