Fish Hunt - 8/28
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Joke of the Day

Check back soon.  He tells 'em but I can't remember them.  Hence the reason for the column.  I'll get him to tell me again.

Lewie took us to the Dalton Cafe for breakfast this morning.  He has been craving another order of biscuits and gravy since we were there last Sunday.  But he was slightly disappointed when the waitress informed him there was only a half and order left.  But he took it anyway and then ordered a pancake to go with it.

And because biscuits and gravy weren't available, I decided to try the rib eye steak and eggs.  That was a mistake.  The steak had the texture of shoe leather.  At least the eggs, hash browns, and toast were good.

Denise enjoyed the omelet she ordered.  Ham, cheese, and tomatoes.  I finished the last few bites and even though tomatoes in an omelet aren't my long suit, it was good.

We got back to camp and assessed the fishing situation.  Again, the wind was blowing enough to be annoying but not enough to prevent us from going out.  I told Lewie that I was going to go fishing but I was going to fish in the wind.  I wanted to try fishing in deeper water at the suggestion of a newspaper article I'd read over breakfast.  I suspected he'd decline but he wanted to go and agreed to the conditions.

I looked at the map of the lake and picked two areas when the bottom of the lake appeared steeper.  I figured that we'd be able to cover more various depths in a shorter time by tolling in those areas.  Then if we had any luck, we could troll at that depth while going around the lake.

Using GPS, we tried the spots but nothing.  After about two hours with absolutely no bites, we decided to give it one more try near the dock in an area known for walleye.  We did get some small bites but we knew they weren't walleye.  Hoping they might be nice sunnies, we kept at it a while.  But no sunnies.  Just little perch stealing our bait.  At that point we quit.

We met Denise back at camp and had cocktails.  The wind died down in the evening, making a very nice night to sit outside.  Lewie quit around 8:30 pm or so but Denise and I were up until a little after midnight.

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